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Design, Digital & Craftsmanship Jewelry-Thinking about the relationship between people and digital




In Japanese, "MEN" means Surfaces, "To" means And, and "SEN" means Lines.

We have been making original jewelry based in Tokyo.

In the situation of Corona that started in 2021, we decided to think about new manufacturing with new values. And we started to make this collection "MENTOSEN".


Now, I think it is very important to make things by thinking about "Surfaces" and "Lines" that we feel comfortable with.
 In a complicated world, let's think about what outline and shape was important without any decorations or worldly thoughts.

That is because  the "Surfaces" and "lines" create all the "shapes".


Entrusting unspeakable feelings and sensibilities to "Surfaces" and "lines",

We will continue to connect "lines" to make the relationship between "those who wear" and "those who create" into "Surfaces".

* "MENTOSEN" is an activity in which original jewelry SHINKO STUDIO tries to connect with society through design and manufacturing.



Design born from technology and handswork

The geometric folds of origami and the three-dimensional light and shadow created there make everyone feel beautiful and comfortable.


Sensitivity is very important.

However, on the other hands, there are figures and solids that can be explained mathematically.

Designs created by computer technology will have "lines" and "surfaces" that everyone thinks are also beautiful.

Using 3D printers and computer cutting technology,

we continue to take on the challenge of modeling that was difficult to do by hand.


Use digital to express subtle human senses

MENTOSEN uses a new way called "digital" to create "Surfaces" and "Lines" that humans feel comfortable with.

We wish digital technology to be used not just as a tool for mass production and efficiency, We want digital technology to be used not just as a tool for mass production and efficiency, but as a subtle sense of bloody human beings. 


Creating by hands


It is no exaggeration to say that MENTOSEN jewelry is ultimately all about the handiwork of creators.

Craftsmen, engravers, and engineers who challenge things that have never been done before.

If we can work with these people

"I'm sure we can make new jewelry."

"This team can open new doors and create new things."

It is MENTOSEN's manufacturing that started because I was convinced.


[People involved in the production of MENTOSEN]
Each one has a job as an independent professional, while they are involved in the progect of MENTOSEN of creating.

MENTOSEN 代表/プロデューサー  米井 亜紀子 Akiko Yonei

Produce, Design- Akiko Yonei

MENTOSEN デザイン 高田 麻帆 Maho Takada

Design - Maho Takada

MENTOSEN Craftsman  Crafts  Takeshi Uchida

Crafts - Takeshi Uchida

MENTOSEN コンテンポラリージュエリー・アーティスト  デザイン西林 加寿子 Kazuko Nishibayashi

Contemporary Jewelry Artists - Kazuko Nishibayashi

MENTOSEN ジュエリー制作 つくる 丸山 あゆみ Ayumi Maruyama

Crafts - Ayumi Maruyama

MENTOSEN CADモデルアドバイザー つくる 谷口 堅一郎 Kenichiro Taniguchi

Crafts - Kenichiro Taniguchi

-The path to MENTOSEN-

MENTOSEN is a jewelry collection started in December 2021 by "SHINKO STUDIO" in Tokyo.

We have created original collections and designed custom-made jewelry for nearly 20 years. 

The new collection MENTOSEN was born by creating many designs and listening directly to the voices of clients at the store. 



Activities of the Jewelry Artists of Japan (JAJ)

Jewelry Artists of Japan (JAJ) is a community for jewelry crators and etc. That was started in 2012 by Akiko Yonei,  SHINKO STUDIO CEO. It is a community where people who are involved in jewelry making such as jewelry artists, craftspeople, designers, producers, sellers and other stakeholders come together to support young jewelry artists.

As we encourage new talents, we want to initiate a new experiment to make jewelries more approachable for producers, manufacturers, sellers and eventually, wearers.   JAJ Web Site

MENTOSEN was born as a result of meeting artists and creators who gathered at JAJ and building relationships.


Creators session night

Creators session night is a event which artists, craftspersons, and other crators interact with people who wear jewelry. Contemporary jewelery artists, Engraver, etc. took the stage.  Creators Session Night


We met the artists and creators who gathered in JAJ's activities. Also, we have built a relationship between "those who make" and "those who wear" at the Creators Session Night. And finally, MENTOSEN was born.

Why designers use digital technology?

For a long time, the jewelery work was the work of a skilled craftsman.
Of course, we still also believe that.

However, in recent years, the prices of 3D modeling systems such as CAD and 3D printers have dropped dramatically, and the technology has been released to individuals who do not have large capital.

This made it possible to shift the expression of fine "Surfaces" and "lines" from craftsmen to designers.

And we started using digital.

To use digital freely by designers will make it possible to better reflect the question "what are people thinking now? " in the fild of jewelry.

In order that Jewelry become a thing that asks the meaning of people's lives from the material value, we will continue to use digital in harmony with handicrafts.

"Manufacturing" will change society

We believe that the making things has the power to move people's hearts.

In addition,  it must have the power to change society.

We think it would be wonderful if those who make and those who wear could move the world a little through the ultimate unnecessary thing called "jewelry".