Use digital to express 'subtle sense of a person

Use digital to express subtle people's senses

By using the means of "digital", we think that creating "faces" and "lines" that people feel comfortable about is one way of making things. 。

For technology to express a subtle sense of blood-through humans, not just a tool for mass production or efficiency.

For that reason, we want to use technology.

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2023春の新作ウィーク開催しました- ARや多面体工作キットも

2023 Spring New Week held-AR and polyhedral kits

It was fun. MENTOSEN Is 2023 Years 4/22 ㈯, Pierce & Back Catch Log [ Logs ] And ear cuff One Stroke Line [ One-stroke line ] Was announced. The new announcement week was held from 4/22 to 30 at Syncothedio in Setagaya, Tokyo. It was a new week that we had fun, too. On the first day, the collection of Pierce & Back Catch announced "Log02" was enlarged In AR (virtual reality), you can also take pictures like this and play. Give a polyhedral kit as a gift A set that makes such a polyhedron easy Maybe it's completely...

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テクノロジーとデザインの距離感 山中俊研究室展

Distance of Technology and Design Shun Yamanaka Laboratory Exhibition

The other day, Yamanaka at the Komaba Research Campus of the University of Tokyo (Advanced Science and Technology Research Center) Shunji We have seen the final exhibition of the laboratory, "The Original Picture of the Future" exhibition. Shunji Yamanaka Laboratory With the theme of engagement between advanced technology engineering and design, Toshiharu Yamanaka has introduced products with excellent design, such as "beautiful prosthetic legs". Until a few decades ago, engineering (industrial machinery) and digital had a tenuous idea of being connected to “beautiful design”. In the last 15 years, we have created new products and developed design engineers, or knowledgeable...

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