Use digital to express 'subtle sense of a person


We are currently working on a new fall.

MENTOSEN's new work of autumn is a pendant.

In the fall, a pendant that will be a little fun just to put on a sweater or a long-sleeved blouse.

I don't think of "face" and "line", and I'm designing a pendant with a twist.


The design of "MENTOSEN" is basically a digital form such as 3D cads.

In the draft stage, I try to pre-produce it on paper, bend a brass (shinchu) plate, and also use clay for analog.

On the other hand,

"I'll try to design that I couldn't do with my hands before."

Because it has become a major pillar of MENTOSEN's design.

It is possible because it is digital.

Beautiful line with beje curve.

Continuous patterns and so on.

In addition, I feel the possibility of being able to do various things depending on the idea.

Since the new function and cooperation with the app are updated every day, we have repeated the work of using the new function to make a prototype like a top image, and try to output it with a 3D printer.

Although it is almost bad.

It's fun to be able to get new features, from new shapes.

I can't think of a beautiful curve line.

A beautiful line using the Bezier curve is, for example, a line like Crun [Krung] in the ear cuff.

when viewed from the side

Crun[クルン] シルバー 925 イヤーカフ  立体的 曲線 MENTOSEN めんとせん メントセン

When I saw it from the bottom

Crun[クルン] シルバー 925 イヤーカフ  立体的 曲線 MENTOSEN めんとせん メントセン

Depending on the direction, such as when sleeping, the expression seems to be different,

In fact, after setting fairly accurately even lengths and angles, I'm slightly staggered.

Crun[クルン] シルバー 925 イヤーカフ  立体的 曲線 MENTOSEN めんとせん メントセン

Crun [Klun] Silver925 ear cuff A curve that changes shape from many directions

In order to draw a beautiful curved line, it is actually necessary to have a fairly accurate number, and it seems that it is often the case that the line is somehow complicated only by human intuition.

Use digital to express subtle people's senses

By using the means of "digital", we think that creating "faces" and "lines" that people feel comfortable about is one way of making things. 。

For technology to express a subtle sense of blood-through humans, not just a tool for mass production or efficiency.

For that reason, we want to use technology.

By Yonei Akiko