Thinking about the relationship between "people" and "things"-One Stroke Line [one stroke] Ear cuff


The form that people are born for the first time

Last time,

Think about the relationship between "people" and "things"-Log [Log] Pierce & Back Catch So, I wrote about the form of showing up, by putting on a piercing and a back catch.

This time, the One Stroke Line [drawing a stroke] series of ear cuffs By-Pass Write about.

One square line (a corner line) is a form that can be done with one stroke.

It's like this, and it's done from a stroke.

It's fun to just leave, but when you wear it, it's interesting again.

From back and forth, left and right, up and down, you can see a different form.

By-Pass[バイ-パス] シルバー925 イヤーカフ 面白いかたち MENTOSEN メントセン めんとせん 一筆書き

And if there is

When you wear it, you have a slightly different impression, right?

By-Pass[バイ-パス] シルバー925 イヤーカフ 面白いかたち MENTOSEN メントセン めんとせん 一筆書き

The detailed structure is By-Pass Try moving the 3D image of the image gallery of the page.

"This form how do I wear it in my ear?"

"What happens if you wear it?"

People who have seen this ear cuff for the first time are wondering.

We have a little fun,

I try to wear it.

Only because it is worn by the ear, the three-dimensional body can be seen from various directions.

At that time, I wonder if we are making things for the resonance of the little surprise and the fun that comes out there.

Every day, I'm trying to make interesting modeling more interesting by passing through human body.

Because it is a source of everyday joy and courage that only jewelry can do.