Repair / maintenance

About repair

We accept repairs and maintenance so that you can use MENTOSEN jewelry for a long time. Please feel free to contact us.

Ring size fix

The method of resizing differs depending on the product. In some cases, it may be exchanged for a new one at a special price. Please contact us by e-mail etc. for details.

* Re-sizing of silver products may result in waxy eyes. note that.

Refinishing / New finishing / Re-carving Japanese

Gold and silver can be re-polished, textured, or re-engraved to rejuvenate like new. Please contact us as the price varies depending on the product.

If you have any questions, please contact SHINKO STUDIO, a directly managed store of MENTOSEN.

About silver products and care

Most of MENTOSEN silver products have a silver purity of 92.5% (called silver 925 or sterling silver). Some are coated with rhodium, a platinum-based metalt. For details, please check the specifications of each product. Nickel is not used.

If you wear silver products frequently, the color will not change so much. We will teach you how to care for the color when it changes.

How to care

Silver products are less likely to discolor if worn daily. However, due to the characteristics of silver, the color may change. In that case, we will tell you how to care for it.

Recommended care method NO.1

Soak in silver cleaner for a few seconds and then wash with water.

If you want to make it even cleaner, polish the mirror surface with a silver-polished cloth.

You can purchase the cleaner / silver polish set here.

Recommended care method NO.2

Wash with a mild detergent, soft sponge, brush, etc.

This alone will make it pretty clean.

Precautions for care

The above care method can be used only for silver or for silver + diamond products. For other delicate stones and other materials, it is recommended to polish only the silver part with silver polish clothes.

Please contact us as the price for repairs varies depending on each product.