Kosa -Cross Silver Blue Gray Akoya Pearl Ring with Japanese engraving

To know “oneself” by feeling “different”

Kosa series Jewelry created by jewelry artist Kazuko Nishibayashi and "MENTOSEN"

Kazuko Nishigayashi is a jewelry artist based in Germany for more than 20 years.


It may be a hassle, but let's get involved with people a little more.

Each of the semi baroque blue-gray pearl is different and unique.

Because the world is full of colorful people.

By crossing, we can feel to know “oneself” by feeling “different”.


Delicate matte finish on the sides

Matte finish and blue-gray pearls that go well with each other

The contrast between the mirror and matte finish makes the pearls stand out.

1.2 mm plates are crossed at an angle of 60 ° / 120 ° and combined accurately.

Wabori - Japanese Engraving

Japanese engraving called Wanori is a traditional Japanese engraing technique.

Using a cold chisel and a small hummer,each line is engraved by hand.

The The engraved part shine beautifully.

Currently, MENTOSEN's engraving is engraved by Terumi Miyamoto, who works for Japanese high-end brands.

Uwajima Pearl

Akoya pearls cultivated in the sea of Uwajima.

Some of them couldn't be perfectly round.

However, its blue-gray color and shine, the beauty is shiny.

To make it, it is necessary to adjust the craftsman's ring according to the shape of each pearl.

These pearls are fascinating because they are not suitable for mass production.

* Each semi baroque pearl has a different shape.

Note :
Semi baroque pearls are a by-product of making round pearls, and the number is limited because they are finished products. 

Natural color pearl

This blue-gray color is a natural color that is not dyed or toned, a pearl called "natural".
It is a pearl grown in Mr. Doi's farm in Uwajima.
* A process called color stop is applied to prevent fading.

Simple Kosa-Cross ring without engraving

It is a simple ring with no carving on the side.

In-stock items will be shipped within 3 business days.

Kosa-Cross Ring

Kind of metal

Silver 925

Rhodium coating

Platinum metal rhodium is coated to prevent discoloration.

Nickel is not used.

We will make the engraved rings after receiving your order

[Shipping within Japan]

  • We will make one by one after receiving your order.7 weeks to complete.
  • Please specify the desired delivery date after 8 weeks from the order date and place an order.
  • [International shipping]
  • Please note that we cannot specify the date and time for international shipments outside of Japan. We will ship the finished product in about 6~7 weeks. We will send you an e-mail to inform you of the tracking number at the time of shipment.
  • Do not know the ring size
    If you do not know your ring size or not sure if your ring size is compatible with Japanese ring sizes, please check here>  Ring size Chart  
material Silver 925 rhodium coating Akoya pearls approx. 8-8.5 mm
weight In the case of  #11, Silver925 about 3g
サイズ From the #9th to #17 (every 2nd) crossed design makes it difficult to remove even if you specify a slightly larger size.If the normal size is 10/12/14/16/17, please specify the largest size. 
  • There are some differences in the degree of deformation and color of the pearls.
  • If you make a mistake in your order, we will only cancel or change your order within 6 hours of your order.
  • Please note that Japanese carved products are ordered products and cannot be canceled or returned after contacting us within 6 hours of ordering.
  • Japanese engraved items will be produced one by one after receiving your order.