Kazuko Nishibayashi

Contemporary jewelry artist Kazuko Nishibayashi

Jewelry artist

Design - Kazuko NishibayashiKazuko Nishibayashi

Jewelry artist in Germany[TRAINING / EDUCATION] Fachhochschule for Gestaltung in Pforzheim in Germany / Jewellery Design, auditing student. Women’s College of Fine Arts, in Tokyo, Formative Art Course.Established an atelier in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1993, and exhibited in Europe based in Germany.

Currently living in Düsseldorf. She has long been an artist in contemporary jewelery in Germany.

Kazuko Nishibayashi Kumi Earrings

There are always beautiful "Surfaces" and "Lines" in her work.

The work she once designed has never been old and has been supported for a long time.

Kazuko Nishibayashi Neckless

In the MENTOSEN collection, she offers the original designs for Surface and Kosa.

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Form and Empty spaces 

Whenever we look at an object, there is definitely a space between the form and the form, between the physical matter and physical matter.

Empty space cannot be seen or felt only in space. Empty space can only be recognized when it is between things.

The same is true for form. It is only when there is space that we can see the form clearly.

For me, empty spaces are as important as physical matter.

From a single piece of board

A single piece of jewelry is created from a single board.

Basically, it is like origami.

It is easy to create a shape from paper or cloth, but metal is hard, and folding, wrapping, and bending it is not so easy.

However, silver is relatively soft and stretchy for a metal.

It is easy to bend, and interesting shapes can be created.

When trying to create a piece entirely from a single board, the load is greater than adding various elements, and the surface and edges can become distorted.

By taking advantage of these incidental effects, unexpected shapes can be created.

This process of transforming a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional object is what I do in the creation of my works.