Ayumi Maruyama

MEBNTOSEN ジュエリー制作 丸山 あゆみ

Jewelry Making, Craft Person

Craft - Ayumi Maruyama

Ayumi Maruyama is a jewelry craftperson. National Qualification: First Class Precious Metal Jewelry Making Technician.  Gold medal at the WorldSkills Competition. Lives in Niigata Prefecture.

Entered the world of jewelry making as soon as she graduated from school.

She won a gold medal in the jewelry making category of the WorldSkills competition, the gateway to success for young jewelry craftspersons.

The field of jewelry making has always been a male dominated society.

Despite the fact that women are the overwhelming majority of wearers, most of the craftspeople are men. It is undeniable that this is the cause of many commercialized jewelries that have no sensitivity.

There are still quite a few young female artisans who can work with a high level of skill and sensitivity.

内田 岳志 Takeshi Uchida クラフトマン Craftman MENTOSEN クリエイター

MENTOSEN's challenging ring, Shikaku, was completed thanks to her solid skills and curiosity for new work.

In her private life, she struggles to raise her two children as a mother, while continuing to create jewelry.

While living her daily life, she is constantly improving her jewelry making skills. Her presence will change the way jewelry is made.