Kenichiro Taniguchi

谷口 堅一郎 CADモデルアドバイザー MENTOSEN クリエイター

CAD Model Advisor

Making - Kenichiro Taniguchi

Kenichiro Taniguchi studied the basics of jewelry making at a custom-made jewelry studio for six years.
After that, he moved to Tokyo and joined a major custom-made jewelry company.
Since the dawn of digital equipment, he has been involved in prototype production using CAD (stereolithography), 5-axis cutting and 3D printers.

He has extensive knowledge of new technologies such as CAD and 5-axis cutting, and also works with metal as a craftsman.

谷口 堅一郎 CADモデルアドバイザー MENTOSEN クリエイター

In April 2020, he established a custom-made store called "here to stay" in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.
More than 20,000 pieces of jewelry have been created so far.

At MENTOSEN, I am involved in a wide range of activities, such as outputting 3D printers, modifying formed resin, and advising on casting.

He has been involved in an advisor for the MENTOSEN.