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MENTOSEN 職人 丸山あゆみ

The other day, I went to the work area in Niigata for the craftsmen who are responsible for the production of MENTOSEN.

On the first day, the work area of Ayumi Maruyama of Yen Sanjō (Sanjō-shi).

Maruyama makes MENTOSEN's Shikaku ring and Kosa's earrings.

After graduating from high school, he was apprenticed to a local Niigata workshop at the age of 18 and got a job.

Brushing his arms, he has won gold medalists at the Skills Olympics.

And a national-qualified first-class technician-qualified.

MENTOSEN 職人 丸山あゆみ Crftsperson Ayumi Maruyama

People tend to think that jewelry is a very glamorous thing, but when it comes to production, it takes nearly 10 years for it to be able to make it properly.

After that, you will be trained to achieve the height of technology without knowing the ceiling.

Mr. Maruyama's production Kosa Pakku And Kosa Kakko

In the present age when everything is required to be fast, pursuing a job that takes nearly 10 years,

It is quite difficult for young people living in the city.

In Niigata and Tsubame Sanjō, the work of metal processing has been flourishing since that time, and the work of industrial molds and spoon-free throat cutlery is still highly valued.

Its origin seems to be that copper was taken at the base of a mountain called Mount Yahiko.

After that, the production of kettles using copper and the work of making kissels flourished, and after the war industrial metalworking became a local industry, and it is now.

Considering such a thing, Maruyama may have moved on to the jewelry production road, although the type and size of the metal are different, it may be very natural.

A majestic river called the Igarashi River runs in front of Maruyama's work area.

She does the production, seeing the view of this mountain every day.

Tenjia is a very talented person from the beginning, and it is actually rare to enter that path,

It may be something to be found by a coincidence that was born in the land, or what the parent is doing, or such a force-free.

The father of the Minyin movement, Yanagi Soetsu, in his description of the "Minyin", said:" I have raised the word "other power",

"Rather than the power of the individual, it is supported by the great power of the invisible, such as the climate, the bounty of nature, and the power of tradition."


Even in modern times, in Niigata It seems to me that it is breathing.

The city does not have a slow time and the power of the land and the region.

In that land, I can't help but admire the craftsmen who are dedicated to making things, and at the same time have a sense of happiness to be able to work together as a team.

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