"Those who wear jewelry" A clue to the absentee resolution-Women craftsmen-Niigata craftsmen-Ayumi Maruyama 2

MENTOSEN 職人 丸山あゆみ

Maruyama, a jewelry artisan from Niigata who wrote in "Making Things Rooted in a Place to Live-The Craftsmen of Niigata".

She is also the mother of two children.

The site of the production of jewelry, especially craftsmen, is overwhelmingly the world of men.

There are overwhelmingly many women in designers and people who sell,

When it comes to craftsmen, first of all, there are few women who have a small number themselves, and even more truly capable.

Shikaku Pt900/K18 · Silver925/K18 ring produced by Maruyama

Maruyama won the gold medal in the young craftsman's Tooryunmen, Skill Five-wheel trinkets category.

After that, it is still a pioneer of female craftsmen who have continued their work as artisans for more than a decade, even as they marked a turning point in the life of marriage, childbirth.

MENTOSEN 職人 丸山あゆみ

Now we feel like this

The general jewelry designer draws the design on the plane and gives it to the craftsman.

When making it three-dimensional, it is often not completely explained by the designer's thinking on the plane.

In most cases, that part of the imagination will be entrusted to the craftsman.

In such a case, it is the sensibility and technology of the craftsman that are important.

Like clothes, things to wear, such as jewelry,

"Why wear that person, in the present day, what do you think?"

If you do not feel that, it is difficult to create jewelry that proposes ahead of society.

In other words, old values are not updated.


Because jewelry is originally a thing made with the rarity of materials and advanced technology,

Than its design and period background,

It may be said that the first thing to do is to make it more sophisticated with higher technology.

But in that way of thinking, is there some kind of deception (giman) on the part of the "tsutsutsuto" absence?

And there are times when I'm a man on the side of wearing.

A little line-taking and a slight difference in the size of the Vatican part that passes the chain, a combination of chains.

Should I stay full of diamonds?

Do you want to be sparkling?

Does that fit into the way women live and think now?

That kind of thing,

"You know, right now we're feeling like this,"

I am very grateful for the existence of a female craftsman who can understand without explaining it.

I also feel that there is a clue to the solution of manufacturing in the absence of "the person to put on".


To work while raising children

The workman's work will have a fixed delivery date, and the image of 3K will be strong for its advanced work.

Childcare and family life are not just a problem for women now, but the burden on women is still great.

I want to work as much as I want, but if my child can't work as I think because of a fever, it will bother others,

Rice making, cleaning and washing, children's school and nursery.

Such things also use the brain and physical strength.

(Well, there will be a lot of men who are struggling because it's not just a matter of women by nature)

However, I think that all such experiences will eventually be in the depth of work.

Because many of the "people" are alive while having such an experience.


On the wall of the workshop, there are paintings of Maruyama children's art artists

I think that things can be done with everything, including people who design, make, or supply stones, starting with "people who wear".

However, the quality of work is absolute when it comes to craftsmen.

In the world of jewelry craftsmen there are high-ranked people with incredible technology and passion.

Indeed, you may not be able to spend your working hours just like those men.

But by doing a long life, a long, long time, and doing my own meaningful work, I am sure that I will be able to do a job that no one can do.

I always have to be a pioneer for that.

So, I hope that Maruyama will continue to be a pioneer spirit, but if he gets tired, he will take a break from time to time, and enhance his skills, sensibility and human power.

Well, after all, work is human power.

It ends up there, maybe.

So, the ultimate, the difference between the sexes may not be relevant there either.

Diversity is important.

On the scene anywhere.

I think so, it was Yan Sanjō's visit.

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Making Things Rooted in a Place to Live-Niigata Craftsmen-Ayumi Maruyama 1

In the case of MENTOSEN, the designer himself is often output by a 3D printer with three-dimensional modeling software called CAD, or the designer side can do the casting. At the very least, it makes it easier for craftsmen to work so that they can be output on a 3D printer and convey the details of the shape to the craftsmen. It is very important that the recognition of the team involved in the work is unified.

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