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MENTOSEN クラフトマン 職人 内田岳志 Craftsman Takeshi Uchida

Jewelry craft man Takeshi Uchida's Niigata atelier is filled with narrow and tools.

Like, I said it was a jewelry production fortress.

As soon as you turn around, you can immediately get to the next task,

So that the procedure of work goes smoothly,

The installation location of various tools and equipment is devised.

MENTOSEN クラフトマン 職人 内田岳志 Craftsman Takeshi Uchida

Jewelry-level manufacturing

In the first place, even in the difficult situation of corona, I thought that I would make a new collection of MENTOSEN and announce it.

Precisely because of his passion for his work and the backing of technique and sensibility.

We think about the design of MENTOSEN, but we always think about the design as a request in line with the flow of society,

It is actually very difficult to put it down to metal and to make it into a jewelry-level product instead of a toy.

In design, even if it is possible, if the craft of Kraftwerman has not caught up, the realization is not unknown.

MENTOSEN クラフトマン 職人 内田岳志 Craftsman Takeshi Uchida

The real pleasure of dialogue and manufacturing

Design and production of each point of collection of Syncoe Tudio and troublesome custom orders that are different every time.

Each time, I wonder how much we 've had dialogue, and I think of the production I 've had.

"Isn't it easier to do this?"

Like, "Wouldn't it be more cool this way?"

Design and technique (technique) are one,

Sometimes, technique is the catalyst for design.

It is also very natural, and we think that the design side.

The dialogue is actually the real pleasure of manufacturing, sharing each other's ideas, and the time is very fun.

That fun, though, is actually fueled by his tremendous technique and the assembly and brain of fine work.

Challenging new things is courageous and time-consuming.

But he always chooses to do it.

(I think you'll have a lot of cold sweat later)

That is why we are able to try new things that have never been done before.

Design born from the technique of stone mooring and the expression of metal

The diamond stone mooring of a ring named Sorow [soro] makes the girdle part of the diamond (the largest part of the diamond's width) dive into the wall of the ring.

And it is a little acrobatic stone holding the other side with one nail.

With that, when it is worn on the finger, a clean curve line is created.

It just overlaps with another Sorow [sou] ring.

Pt950 Sorow[そろう] ダイヤモンドリング MENTOSEN Diamond ring

Also, the side of the ring uses a tool called Tagane of the ring to make a metal expression that carves a straight line.

With it, a subtle reflection of light is created every time you move your hand.

Pt950 Sorow[そろう] ダイヤモンドリング セットリング MENTOSEN Diamond ring

Each of these expressions is

Each one of us was born in a dialogue.

I am amazed every day by his work, which answers that dialogue and finishes with a sensibility that exceeds our imagination.

[Takeshi Uchida- Takeshi Uchida]
Jewellery Craftsman. Representative of Angel Ring. First class precious metal trinket making technician.
Skills Grand Prix, JJA Jewelry Design Award, etc.

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