Concluding Contemporary Jewelry Maho Takada Works Exhibition

高田 麻帆 mentosenデザイナー 2022作品展

Maho Takada function stainless-hope Silver925 ring photo @ satomiki

From October 14 to 23, the "Takada Maho Works Exhibition" held at the Syncoe Tudio shop has been successfully completed.

During the period, I would like to thank so many people for coming.

Being able to introduce jewelry as art called contemporary jewelry in the shops of the city,

And it may have been easy for ordinary people to drop in because it is not a gallery but a shop in the city that borders on the road.

Contemporary jewelry is part of Applied Art, which originated in Europe in the 1960 s.

What is Applied Art?

高田 麻帆 mentosenデザイナー 2022作品展

"Applied art," it's kind of hard,

In a word, the application of art to practical things, art.

It is said to be the application of fine art to everyday life, against pure art (Fine Arts) such as painting and sculpture.

It also includes craft arts and furniture, jewelry and decorative arts and, broadly, architecture.

I understand that the line between art and design is blurred, and things that make art more familiar to life.

The 1960 s, when Contemporary Jewelry came into being, were the most part of the country's work in the student movement, the May Revolution in France, and the Vietnam anti-war movement in America.

Deny a certain privileged class and make jewelry in the world of jewelry that puts more emphasis on human creativity and ideas than the material value of diamond, gold and platinum!

I think that might be the beginning of contemporary jewelry.

SHINKO STUDIO, MENTOSEN's production company and its flag shop, has been holding exhibitions of contemporary jewelry artists for years.

This time, Maho Takada, who is also a designer of MENTOSEN, is still a young man in his 20 s.

The work may not match artists who have been doing it for decades, of course.

But by putting on fire, you can make silver elastic.

Usually, I am gradually creating my own world, such as using a round line, where the edge line comes out beautifully, and using a square "corner line" to express my expression.

Give young people the opportunity to exhibit their works

高田 麻帆 mentosenデザイナー 2022作品展

Currently, it is rare for young contemporary jewelry works to be exhibited for the purpose of selling.

But I feel like it's very important to actually sell it.

Certainly, there will be art created for the purpose of being stored in museums.

But above all, the customer hurts his stomach and buys his work.

I think that the experience of connecting with society is a catalyst for being able to work hard with real feeling.

Art and design lead to a society that allows people to be different from themselves

This may not be a direct effect at all, but

A society where art and design are familiar and integrated into everyday life is easy for various people to live, open, and feel forgiving.

In dictatorial and military states, the elements of design and art that embrace diversity are very easy to feel.

On the other hand, a country with advanced modern design, such as the Nordics, has an understanding of diversity and I think like a country that is friendly to the weak.

It's not all of them, and the shape is different depending on the region and country, but there are various values.

A society that tolerantly acknowledges that you and people are different.

After all, we want to do something towards that future.

I think that is why we are making jewelry called MENTOSEN.

"MENTOSEN" is its outline

高田 麻帆 mentosenデザイナー 2022作品展

Maho Takada imperfection inside Silver925 brooch photo @ satomiki

MENTOSEN thinks it's not just the jewelry itself, but one 'contour'?

Together with a collection called MENTOSEN, he held exhibitions of contemporary jewelry artists.

At times, they hold an excursion of the dads and get mixed up with people from the area.

Including such things, it is "MENTOSEN".

An exhibition of Takada's works is expected to be held again next year.

I am looking forward to the growth of young people.

Yonei Representative MENTOSEN Producer Syncoe Tudio