Manufactuaring and Craftsmanship - Enjoy using digital to express our sensibility.

We really enjoy the way we use digital technology to express our sensibilities.

3D CAD and 3D printers have brought dramatic changes to the world of 3D modeling, though.

Technology is a means to an end, not an end in itself.

So when we have a final product that we want to make, it doesn't matter if it's a new technology or an old one.

However, there are times when new technologies allow us to express ourselves in new ways.

今When we can do something that we couldn't do before, all the creators are impressed and say,


and then a new idea comes to mind, "Isn't it possible to do something like this?

MENTOSEN believes that designers can create new and more flexible expressions by using new technologies such as CAD and going down to the prototype.

There are "Lines" and "Surfaces" that can only be realized by using digital technology.

Digital technology will be a tool to share and interact with people from various fields to express themselves more freely.

Using technologies such as CAD, 3D printing, CNC (computerized cutting), and laser cutting, we can create jewelry with new ideas that were not possible before.

In the end, though, we're still relying on human hands.。

by Akiko Yonei