Bauhaus Architecture "Sangishi Atelier" 1

バウハウス建築 三岸アトリエ

I went to the atelier of "Kotaro Migishi, Setsuko" in Sagimiya, Nakano-ku.

This atelier is designated as a cultural property not only because it is the studio of these two painters, but also because it was designed by Iwao Yamawaki, one of the few Japan who studied at the Bauhaus.

It was built in 1936.

This time, I went to see the architecture, and after arriving at the atelier, I suddenly remembered the owner of this place, Setsuko Migishi.

A few years ago, I was watching a documentary about Setsuko in her later years painting cherry blossoms in her studio in Oiso. Kotaro ordered this Sagimiya atelier from Iwao Yamawaki, but he died prematurely at the age of 31 before living there.

After that, it seems that what was left was three children and a debt for the construction of the atelier, and after that, Setsuko painted while raising her children desperately.

バウハウス建築 三岸スタジオ

I wonder if Setsuko's sweat and tears have fallen in this atelier? I felt that deeply.

Later, Setsuko worked to improve the status of women in the art world, moved to France after the age of 60, and returned 20 years later to focus on cherry blossom paintings.

Until his death at the age of 94, he devoted himself entirely to his work as a painter.

Momobeni Shinoda is a woman who, in the face of adversity, has maintained a fierce and strong soul. How difficult was it for a woman to paint in this era?

I think that a true artist is one who can overcome everything, become as strong as steel, and reach it.

And next time, I'll finally write about the Bauhaus.

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