Bauhaus Architecture "Migishi Atelier" 2

Designed by Iwana Yamawaki, the few Japanese who studied at the Bauhaus Individual Atelier "Mikishi Atelier"

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The Bauhaus, an innovative art school created in Weimar, Germany, in 1919, has only 14 years of history before it was forced to close under the Hitler regime.

However, in the course of 14 years, it created the headwaters of current modernism.

This era was the beginning of the era of making and selling goods in large quantities in factories.

Wouldn't it be a credit to the Bauhaus for advocating design and manufacturing for people to live comfortably and creatively within mass production?

Beautiful because it's functional.

Reasonable and beautiful.

Until then, the European design was said to be great with the decoration and the hand.

Slude the wasted things,

Using new materials,

Using technology,

If creativity is there, ordinary people can also provide a rich life full of design.

It can be called a miraculous education, made under the Hitler regime in Germany.

After that, the good guys who taught at the Bauhaus scattered around the world in the form of exile.

That was one of the factors that extended the spirit of the Bauhaus around the world and the spread of modern design.

"From dots and lines to faces" advocated by Kandinsky, who taught at the Bauhaus.

We make things carefully about the very basic things of a beautiful "face" and a beautiful "line".

If there is a new technology, we will take it with greed.

It can be said that our "MENTOSEN" is also influenced by Bauhaus manufacturing.

Bauhaus Architecture "Mikishi Atelier" 1 is here