Distance of Technology and Design Shun Yamanaka Laboratory Exhibition

The other day, Yamanaka at the Komaba Research Campus of the University of Tokyo (Advanced Science and Technology Research Center) Shunji We have seen the final exhibition of the laboratory, "The Original Picture of the Future" exhibition.

Shunji Yamanaka Laboratory With the theme of engagement between advanced technology engineering and design, Toshiharu Yamanaka has introduced products with excellent design, such as "beautiful prosthetic legs".

Until a few decades ago, engineering (industrial machinery) and digital had a tenuous idea of being connected to “beautiful design”.

In the last 15 years, we have created new products and developed design engineers, or knowledgeable designers or artists in engineering or digital.

The basis of Shunji Yamanaka's product is this original picture that is drawn at the conception stage.

Precision, ideas are established and stuck there.

It's an industrial product, but it's very beautiful.

Then, the idea properly worked out at the conception stage can be properly drafted even if it is dropped into CAD (stereoscopic modeling software).

What is the thought process when we think about design and drop data to CAD on a daily basis?

In the stage of the idea of the original draft, is it difficult to say that the three dimensions are captured so far?

It is very interesting that the beauty of engineering is created by thinking about the mechanism of the machine.

Theme for MENTOSEN

Design and Manufacturing-Thinking about the Relationship between People and Digital

One of the solutions is to add the “mechanism” to the elements of the design, which may create a human warmth.

No matter how much technology is used, things that do not create a sense of happiness in the end will not make much sense.

Once again, I felt a good sense of distance between technology and design.

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