2023 Spring New Week held-AR and polyhedral kits

It was fun.

MENTOSEN Is 2023 Years 4/22 ㈯, Pierce & Back Catch Log [ Logs ] And ear cuff One Stroke Line [ One-stroke line ] Was announced.

The new announcement week was held from 4/22 to 30 at Syncothedio in Setagaya, Tokyo.

It was a new week that we had fun, too.

On the first day, the collection of Pierce & Back Catch announced "Log02" was enlarged In AR (virtual reality), you can also take pictures like this and play.

ピアス&バックキャッチ Log[ログ]02 AR 体験

Give a polyhedral kit as a gift

多面体工作キットをプレゼント MENTOSEN

A set that makes such a polyhedron easy

多面体工作キットをプレゼント MENTOSEN

Maybe it's completely different from the new jewelry event in general, but that's what we think.

And it was more impressive that the people who came were enjoying it.

The category "jewelry" feels cramped

A famous jewelry brand in the world.

On the other hand, there are so many individual writers recently.

Various gemstones in fashion are also beautiful.

But our sense of living now and their jewelry are a little different?

We feel so cramped about being stuck in the category of "jewelry."

It seems to be a very important thing to know what things have to do with people in order to have meaning as things.

In the collection "MENTOSEN", it is a little different from traditional jewelry values I think it would be nice if there was a way to have fun and a moment to laugh.

It seems to be meaningful to put it into the world because it doesn't fit into the category of general commercial "jewelry."