What I think about "Makiko Akiyama's story event `` delicate relationship between `` wearing '' and `` dressing ''

I write about my thoughts at the event of Jewelry Artist Japan (JAJ), which is sponsored by MENTOSEN.

On July 9, 2022, at the Shibuya Ward Cultural Center Owada,

The delicate relationship between "putting on" and "wearing" - the approach of contemporary jewelry and everyday life [Jewelry theory Makiko Akiyama's talk event] was held.

In the first half, we talked about the history of contemporary jewelry so that even those who don't know contemporary jewelry can understand it, and in the second half, we talked about new movements happening overseas.

Makiko Akiyama is one of the few people in Japan who can criticize contemporary jewelry and has a vast amount of knowledge based on historical background.

If you don't know much about contemporary jewelry, see Akiyama's web article"The Beginning of Contemporary Jewelry"It will be easier to understand if you read

The second half was a talk session between Mr. Akiyama and Mr. Yonei, producer of MENTOSEN and representative of Jewelry Artist Japan (JAJ).
The essence of jewelry is not its long-held role as a symbol of wealth,
In a more primitive part, "The essence of jewelry lies in the fact that people "wear" things."
I believe that the question "Why do people wear or own things?" is universally necessary for all things, not just jewelry.
That's why "Jewelry is something worth talking about..." says Mr. Akiyama.
Coincidentally, this event was held on the day that former Prime Minister Abe was shot dead.
Dialogue with people is born through jewelry.
Through jewelry, people can change themselves and cross borders.
I think that having such a possibility is the meaning of the existence of jewelry.
That is why I thought that the creators should have the courage to engage in dialogue and cross borders into new fields.
MENTOSEN Producer/Jewelry Artist Japan (JAJ) Akiko Yonei
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Jiro Kamata Holon Series Ring (2021)
Material: camera lens, PVD coating, silver

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Born in 1978.After graduating from Yamanashi Prefectural Jewelery Art College, studied at Pforzheim University of Art and Design in Germany, then studied under Professor Otto Kunzli at Munich Academy of Fine Arts.
2004 Acquired Meisterschuler.Assistant Professor at the Munich Academy of Fine Arts, 2005 – Established studio in Munich.Exhibited at exhibitions around the world, including Europe, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, and South America.