Surface [めんとせん] Silver925 Pendant - Square

The keywords are diversity and multifaceted.

These are a collaborative design with contemporary jewelry artist Kasuko Nishibayashi, who has been active in Germany for many years.

Since its launch in 2016, it has been a perennial favorite.

There are renewed and released at an affordable price in silver.


Looking at things from a different angle, you may opens up a surprising new world.

Everything you see may be not always true.

Sometimes, the invisible tells the truth.


Surface[めんとせん] Silver925 ペンダント MENTOSEN


Two thin, square plates touching each other at subtle angles create a three-dimensional shape.

Although the two squares are supposed to be made of lines, they look as if they have a square surface.

This lighting effect is created by the mirror finish on the inside of the lines and the matte finish on the flat areas.
(Image: 40cm/16 inches)
Even if there is no stock of 45cm, if there is stock of 40cm, we can usually ship it (within 3 business days), so you can place an order.

Surface[めんとせん] Silver 925 ペンダント Pendant-正方形 Square MENTOSEN

Easy to put on, a little bit artistic.

Necklace length is 40 cm(16 inches) or 45 cm(18 inches)

40cm is the general length, which can be done inside shirts, etc.

45cm is the length that can be done outside of a turtleneck.

You can choose the length of the necklace.
(40cm in the image)

Surface[めんとせん] Silver 925 ペンダント Pendant-正方形 Square MENTOSEN

Silver + Rhodium or K23 coating

Silver is coated with rhodium, a platinum-based metal

or a warm K23 coating.

These coatings make silver hard to tarnish.

Surface[めんとせん] Silver 925 ペンダント Pendant-正方形 Square
Surface[めんとせん] Silver 925 ペンダント Pendant-正方形 Square

Matching earrings

Surface[めんとせん] Silver 925 Earrings-Square


クリエイター 西林 佳寿子 Kazuko Nishibayashi メントセン MENTOSEN

Kazuko Nishibayashi

Born in Tokyo. Women’s College of Fine Arts, Tokyo, Formative Art Course. Studied Jewelry Design at Pforzheim’s School of Design. Set up her own studio in Düsseldorf. 1993 Established her atelier in Dusseldorf, Germany. Exhibitions are held in various countries in Europe based in Germany. She lives in Dusseldorf.

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Silver 925 (rhodium plated) / Silver 925 (K23 plated)

Necklace: Stainless steel (pearl white) 2-strand wire chain
Square: 40cm(16 inches) or 45 cm(18inches), double clip clasp 

Weight Square  Appx. 1g (Excluding weight of wire necklace)
Size Refer to specs image
Manufacture of country Made in Japan 
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