Crun Earcuff Silver Three-dimensional Shape


The shape of the ear cuff born from the trapezoidal trajectory


It is a three-dimensional form created by the track of the line that turned around Krung

Crun[クルン] Silver925 Ear Cuff 3 dimensional shapes Curve line MENTOSEN

A mysterious line that appears when you put it in your ear

A line appears that you did not imagine when you put it on a plane.

It is an original form that is born only when there is a person's body.

Beautiful lines that appear when you worn on your ear

It is an unique shape that can only be created with a human body.

Lines you never imagined will appear as it comes together with your body.

Contrast between matted and mirrored surfaces

You can enjoy the contrast of matte and mirror finish "surface" at the edge.

The matte texture is a little rough.

One by one, artisans are hand-polishing and matting.

One Stroke Line Seriese Ear Cuffs

The One Storoke Ear Cuff series is inspired by "One Stroke Line Drawing".

By-Pass [Bye-Pass]

By-Pass[バイ-パス] By-Pass Sterling Silver 925 Ear-Cuff three-dimensional one stroke line MENTOSEN Japanese jewelry Tokyo


Silver 925 Ear Cuff Turn[ターン] Three-dimensional curve MENTOSEN メントセン


The production of this ear cuff was handled by Ayumi Maruyama.
In the field of jewellery craftsmen, which is dominated by men in Japan, she continues to work with a solid technique and a new sensibility.

People involved in the making

*This product is sold as one piece only. You can wear either ear, but it looks different.

Product number SM0005
material Silver 925 Rhodium / K18 plated
weight About 3.4g
size About 20mm outer diameter About 12mm inner diameter About 3mm
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