Sorow Sterling Silver925 Ring

A curve line created from the "Bezier curve"

Drawing a flowing curves、

The ring thickness also is changing in some places,

This is a ring that draws beautiful lines.

The beautiful lines are made possible by using CAD (3D modeling software).

The shape of the ring created by using a mathematical curve called Bezier curve.

Sorow[そろう] Silver925 シルバー リング MENTOSEN

Sorow[そろう] Silver925 シルバー リング MENTOSEN

By setting, the curved rings are completed

It is designed to be the most beautiful when you put it on your finger.

Sorow[そろう] Diamond Engagement Ring

Sorow[そろう] Silver925 シルバー リング MENTOSEN

Enjoy the texture of metal - Single line texture

A delicate straight texture engraved by chisel is applied to the side of the ring.

Sorow has a notched texture named "Single Line Texture".

A craftsperson engraves straight lines by hands using a chisel .

The expression of metal is a unique sensibility and technique that has been passed down from generation to generation in the field of metal crafts in Japan.

It is an new creation that designers and craftsmen were developed by exchanging opinions.

Sorow[そろう] Silver925 シルバー リング MENTOSEN

The most beatiful line when you wear

The mirror finish on the concave surface add an accent.

The contrast between the single line texture and the mirror surface is novel.

Sorow[そろう] Silver925 シルバー リング MENTOSEN

Kind of metals

Sterling Silver 925

We accept to make in Pt950,K18. Sorow[そろう] Pt950,K18 Click here

Rhodium plated

Rhodium, a platinum-family metal, is applied to prevent oxidation.

People involved in the making

Engrave inside of your ring -Additional Charge 2,500 yen(Japanese Consumption Tax excluded)

We offer engraving on most of our engagement rings and wedding bands.
If you would like to use the internal characters, please click the purchase option and enter the desired characters according to the instructions below.

  • Up to 15 characters
  • Possible characters: Uppercase alphabets, numbers, ".", "&", "To"
  • Number of characters:  Up to 15 characters . "."  "to" are counted as one character.
  • Character example: 2030.11.11 A to B

リング 文字入れオプション 無料文字彫 MENTOSEN

- We will make one by one according to your size -

  • We will make one by one after receiving your order. 6 weeks to complete.
  • If you would like to ship within Japan, please specify the desired delivery date after 7 weeks from the order date. You cannot specify the date and time for overseas shipping.
    ※If you make a mistake in your order, we will only accept cancellations and changes only by email within 6 hours of ordering.
  • Don't know the ring size
    If you are not sure about the size, please use the ring size chart or the size ring rental service. The size ring rental service is possible within Japan.
Materials Staerling Silver925 Rohodium plated(Pt950 or 18K ring here
Weight Japanese size :#11 Sv925 Appx.2.5g
Size Web shop acceptable size:Japanese size #5~#18
  • Order mistakes can be canceled or changed only by email within 6 hours of ordering.
  • Please note that we cannot accept returns because it is an ordered product.