Hineru -10° Sterling Silver 925 Wedding band / Everyday Wear Ring


In Japanese, "Hineru" means twist or turn.

The line of the Hineru ring is created by twisting the "plane surface" by 10 ° with the center line as the main axis.

It is symmetry, upper and lower symmetry.

Seen from above or from the side, all lines intersect beautifully

Around the top surface, the metal expression by chisel creates a soft texture.It's all made by human hands.

Hineru[ひねる] -10° Pt950/K18 マリッジリング・日常使いリング MENTOSEN

Diagonal line when you put it on your finger.

By twisting it up and down at the same angle, the ring draws a diagonal line on your finger.

Hineru[ひねる] -10° Pt950/K18 マリッジリング・日常使いリング MENTOSEN

Interesting from various directions

The sides are mirror-polished.

Seen from the side, it has a gentle square shape.

It fits pretty well when you wear it.

The inside is rounded so that your fingers can easily enter it.

Hineru[ひねる] -10° Silver925 マリッジリング、普段使いのリング MENTOSEN

Enjoy the texture of metal soft texture of the chisel.

The fine lines of the chisel are crossed.

It was named "Cross Tagane Texture".

Those lines are carved using a tool called "Tagane".

The texture of metal and the expression of metal are unique sensibilities and techniques that have been passed down to the world of Japanese metal crafts.

MENTOSEN jewelry develops the texture expression for each item.

It is an expression of a new metal texture that designers and craftsmen create by exchanging opinions.

Hineru[ひねる] -10° Pt950/K18 マリッジリング・日常使いリング MENTOSEN

Kind of metals


Pt950・K18YG order here

Rhodium plated

Rhodium, a platinum-family metal, is applied to prevent oxidation.

People involved in the making

Engrave inside of your ring -Additional Charge 2,500 yen( Japanese Consumption Tax excluded)

We offer engraving on most of our engagement rings and wedding bands.
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  • Character example: 2030.11.11 A to B

リング 文字入れオプション 無料文字彫 MENTOSEN

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Mterial Staerling Silver925 Rohodium plated(Pt950 or 18K ring here
Weight In case of Japanese size : #11  Silver925 Appx.2g
Size Web shop acceptable size:Japanese size #5~#25
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