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Design - Maho Takada

MENTOSEN designer. Contemporary jewelry artists. Born in 1994. Graduated Musashino Art University Graduate School. Selected for the Japan Jewelery Exhibition and the Itami International Craft Exhibition "Jewelry". She also has a face as a contemporary jewelery artist.

Freedom for people to choose what they like and what they like according to their values.

I want to express through jewelry that various values are tolerated.

高田 麻帆 Maho Takada

Maho Takada 『 imperfection rope 』– Silver925

Jewelry is a special thing that people can wear on their bodies.

I think the meaning of jewelry is that it reflects the ideas of both the wearer and the person who makes it.

高田 麻帆 - Designer MENTOSEN クリエイター

In the MENTOSEN collection, while going back and forth between arts and designs, I continue to design jewelry that is easy to wear in everyday life.

It's fun to process metal and create my pieces with my own hands.

On the other hand, when I design with new technologies and methods such as CAD and 3D printers, it comes up with a different new idea.

Human hand work and technology.

Art and design.

I want to go back and forth between different places while making things.

Born in 1994. Graduated from Musashino Art University Graduate School
2023    Itami International Craft Exhibition “Jewelry” Selected
2022    maho takada Solo Exhibition (Tokyo, SHIKO STUDIO)
2020       Solo Exhibition “Margin” SHINKO STUDIO (Tokyo, SHIKO STUDIO)
                Selected for the 2020 Japan Jewelry Exhibition
2019        Itami International Craft Exhibition “Jewelry” Selected
2018        Japan jewelry Exhibition Selected
                Selected for the Metal Crafts Open Call Exhibition “Imakara Mame Sara”

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