Kosa Kakko Silver Akoya Pearl Earrings

Feel "different" and know "yourself"

Collaborative earrings with Kasuko Nishibayashi, a contemporary jewelry artist active in Germany.

It may be a hassle, but let's get involved with people a little more.

The deformed blue-gray pearls from Uwajima are all different and unique.

Because the world is a group of strange people

By crossing, we can feel "different" and know "self".

Kosa is a contemporary jewelery artist based in Germany, designed by Kazuko Nishibayashi . A collaborative collection of "MENTOSEN" and Kazuko Nishibayashi.


There are three shapes for this earring.

The square is the outside of the piercing,

The circle is the notch inside the piercing,

And when you put the triangle on your ear, the weight of the pearl makes the outside the apex of the triangle.

kosa[こうさ] シルバー925 あこやパールピアス MENTOSEN

Pearl just under the ear

Kosa[こうさ] Kakko シルバー925 あこやパール ピアス

Enjoy the texture of metal

The faint matting on the surface intersects slightly.

By using CNC cutting technology, it feels neatly polished from the board.

The thick part of the side and the back are polished cleanly.

Surface[めんとせん] シルバー925 ピアス MENTOSEN

A little deformed, blue-gray pearls from Uwajima

Akoya pearls cultivated in the sea of Uwajima, Doi Pearl's farm.

Some of them couldn't be perfectly round.

However, the blue-gray color and shine are really beautiful.

For mass production, beads that are not in circulation because they are not perfect circles.

Even a little deformation is clean enough.

Each pearl has a slightly different shape. This pearl is a by-product of making round pearls, and the number is limited because it is a finished product.When the beads of this term are over, they will be restocked in the next year, some time later.

Kosa[こうさ] シルバー925 あこやパールピアス 宇和島 MENTOSEN

Natural color pearl

This blue-gray color is a natural color that is not dyed or toned, a pearl called "natural".
It is a pearl grown in Mr. Doi's farm in Uwajima.
* A process called color stop is applied to prevent fading.

Kosa[こうさ] シルバー925 あこやパールピアス MENTOSEN

Living everyday in a simple and beautiful shape

Kosa [Kosa] Two shapes

"Kakko" and "Pakku"
You can purchase "Pakku" here.

Kosa[こうさ] シルバー925 ピアス MENTOSEN

Kind of metal

Silver925 is antioxidant and coated with platinum-based metallic rhodium.


Draft design

クリエイター Xilin Jia Shouzi Kazuko Nishibayashi メントセン MENTOSEN

Kazuko Nishibayashi

Graduated from Joshibi University of Art and Design, Department of Life Design. Auditor in the Department of Jewelery, Pforzheim College, Germany. Established an atelier in Dusseldorf, Germany in 1993, and exhibited in various parts of Europe based in Germany.Currently living in Dusseldorf. He is active as a contemporary jewelery artist in Germany.

Works by Kasuko Nishibayashi

Creativity, absolute beauty and accurate work.The result is a long-lasting design.
Kazuko Nishibayashi website

Kazuko Nishibayashi Ring 西林加寿子 リング
Kazuko Nishibayashi earrings 西林加寿子 ピアス
Kazuko Nishibayashi ring 西林加寿子 リング

People involved in the production

material Silver 925 (rhodium coated) Akoya pearls
size  Kakko: 12mm x 12mm Pearl about 5mm
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