Sizing ring rental service Japan domestic area only

サイズリングお貸出サービス MENTOSEN

If you don't know your size, we will lend you a size ring for 7 days.You only pay for the return shipping fee.The size ring will be delivered in your home post.
To return it, just put it in the enclosed envelope and post it.Feel free to use it.

*Since it is delivered by click post, it is not possible to specify the date and time or pay by cash on delivery.

This service is only available in Japan

Rental period

7 days


396 yen (tax included)

how to measure ring size

Try opening and closing your hand to check its fit.

リングサイズのはかり方 MENTOSEN

*If it is not returned within 7 days after arrival, we will consider it as a purchase of a size ring and charge 1,100 yen.Please note the return date.