By-pass Ear Cuff Sterling Silver Geometric Shape One-Stroke-Line series


Shapes born from geometric one-stroke line

The shape of the ear cuff is created with drawing one stroke on a square surface.

Everything is connected by one line.

By-Pass[バイ-パス] シルバー925 イヤーカフ 面白いかたち MENTOSEN メントセン めんとせん

It's interesting to see things differently depending on the direction

The maze-like lines are likely to collide, but they do not.

You can enjoy the different view from the front to the back and from the top to the bottom in different directions.

By-Pass[バイ-パス] シルバー925 イヤーカフ 面白いかたち MENTOSEN メントセン めんとせん

By-Pass[バイ-パス] シルバー925 イヤーカフ 面白いかたち MENTOSEN メントセン めんとせん

Delicate matte finish

The surface is completely matte.

I am conscious of the atmosphere of industrial design.

In industrial design, which has made people's lives more convenient, there is beauty in the pursuit of function.

By-Pass[バイ-パス] シルバー925 イヤーカフ 面白いかたち MENTOSEN メントセン めんとせん

Gold and Silver

There are two colors, gold and silver.

The silver color is 925 Sterling Silver with platinum-based rhodium coating, and the gold color is 925 silver with K18 coating.

The coating prevents the silver from changing color.

By-Pass[バイ-パス] シルバー925 金色 イヤーカフ 面白いかたち MENTOSEN メントセン めんとせん

Craftsman's final finish determines the quality 

By carefully finishing and polishing the square edges one by one by hand, a sharp line is created.

Ear cuffs are handcrafted with a lot of ingenuity and skill by craftsmen.

By-Pass is the original design of the MENTOSEN logo.

One Stroke Line series

One Stroke Line A series of ear cuffs designed with a hint of "one-stroke drawing".


シルバー925 イヤーカフ Turn[ターン] 立体的カーブ MENTOSEN メントセン


Crun[クルン] シルバー 925 イヤーカフ  立体的 MENTOSEN めんとせん メントセン

People involved in the making

*This product is sold as one of a pair only. It looks different, but you can wear it on either the left or right side.
Product number SM0001
material 925 silver rhodium/K18YG plated
weight About 1.9g

Width 10 x Depth 18 x Height 21mm Frontage about 3mm

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  • Unused within 7 days of receipt.
  • Even if silver is coated with rhodium or gold, the color may change after long periods of disuse. In that case, use a silver cleaner to clean it off.
Delivery time

If there is no stock, you can pre-order. The delivery time will take about three weeks.