Surface [めんとせん] Silver925 Earrings- rectangle

The keywords are diversity and multifaceted.

These are a collaborative design with contemporary jewelry artist Kasuko Nishibayashi, who has been active in Germany for many years.

Since its launch in 2016, it has been a perennial favorite.

There are renewed and released at an affordable price in silver.


Looking at things from a different angle, you may opens up a surprising new world.

Everything you see may be not always true.

Sometimes, the invisible tells the truth.


A shape created by the intersection of two rectangles.

Surface[めんとせん] シルバー925 ピアス MENTOSEN


A shape created by the intersection of two rectangles.The shape created when two squares overlap at a certain angle.

Surface[めんとせん] シルバー925 ピアス MENTOSEN

By using new technoligy

Shuface[めんとせん] is a collection whose original design was provided by Kasuko Nishibayashi in 2018.

Surface, which was a high-end collection, has been renewed and we launched at a affordable price by using CNC cutting technology.

There was our desire for many people to feel the beauty of Kasuko Nishibayashi's shape. By using the new technology of CNC cutting machine, it was realized accurately but at affordable cost.

Surface[めんとせん] シルバー925 ピアス MENTOSEN

Kind of metal

Sterling Silver925 Rohodium plated / Sterling Silver925  K23Yellow Gold  plated
Silver925 is antioxidant and coated with platinum-based metallic rhodium or K23.


クリエイター 西林 佳寿子 Kazuko Nishibayashi メントセン MENTOSEN


Kazuko Nishibayashi - Contemporary Jewelry Artist

Born in Tokyo. Women’s College of Fine Arts, Tokyo, Formative Art Course. Studied Jewelry Design at Pforzheim’s School of Design. Set up her own studio in Düsseldorf. 1993 Established her atelier in Dusseldorf, Germany. Exhibitions are held in various countries in Europe based in Germany. She lives in Dusseldorf.

Arts Pieces of KazukoNishibayashi

She has created her long-lasting design for creativity, absolute beauty and precise work.
Kazuko Nishibayashi Website

Kazuko Nishibayashi Ring 西林加寿子 リング
Kazuko Nishibayashi earrings 西林加寿子 ピアス
Kazuko Nishibayashi ring 西林加寿子 リング

People involved in making

Material Sterling Silver925 Rohodium plated / Sterling Silver925  K23Yellow Gold plated
Size  Rectangle : 16.5mm × 8mm / Square : 14mm × 14mm 

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