New Collection Week "From Big Shape to Small Shape" 4/22(sat)~30(sun)

MENTOSEN will launch the new earrings and back-catches "Log" and ear-cuffs "One Stroke Line" on Saturday, April 22, 2023. It will be held at the SHINKO STUDIO from April 22nd to 30th. Visitors can experience AR (virtual reality) with the new collection of MENTOSEN, taking photos, videos, etc.


[What is MENTOSEN]

MENTOSEN started in 2021 December.

Focusing on "design and manufacturing", we use digital technologies to create products that consider the relationship between people and digital technology.

We think it's very important now to think about comfortable "Surfaces" and "Lines" when we make things. This is because "Surfaces" and "Lines" form all things. In a world that has become complicated, let's try to think about what kind of outline was really important and what it was.

[New collection] 2023 April 22th Announced 

Log[ ログ ] Earrings & back catch series

log[log] is a collection of earrings and back catches that captures the ear as a three-dimensional object. By wearing it on your ear, you can enjoy the relationship between the paired shape and space, and the "body". Sterling Silver925



Log02 Sterling Silver 925 Earrings & Back catches three dimensional interesting shape matte finish MENTOSEN



One Stroke Line[ひとふでがき] Ear Cuff Series

These ear cuffs are created by drawing squares, triangles, and trapezoids in one stroke. The change in appearance of the line when worn on the ear is created by wearing it on the body. Silver925


Turn[ターン] Sterling Silver 925 Ear-Cuff three-dimensional curve MENTOSEN



By-Pass[バイ-パス] シルバー925 イヤーカフ 面白いかたち MENTOSEN めんとせん メントセン


MENTOSEN New Collection Week “From Big to Small”

4/22 ~ 30 (SHINKO STUDIO Tokyo Store)
4/29 (Sat./holiday)is opened. Closed on April 26th Wed..


[AR<Virtual Reality>Experience]

The theme of this new release is "From big to small". You can play with your tablet by enlarging and moving the newly announced jewelry to human size. Originally, you can enjoy the “big shape” experience of small jewelry.