2023 7/1 ㈯-30 ㈰ For a limited time sale at Tachikawa "SUPER PAPER MARKET" (Super Paper Market)

Jewelry from "MENTOSEN" (Mentsen) is sold for a limited time at "SUPER PAPER MARKET", which colors lifestyle under the theme of "paper".

On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, MENTOSEN's designer Takada and representative Yonei will be present.

Please come and play.

■ Limited-time sale at "SUPER PAPER MARKET" ■
When: 2023 7/1 ㈯-30 ㈰ Opening hours 11:00-19:00 Last day 7/30 until 18:00   
During the period, designers of MENTOSEN will be in the store on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
      7-8 minutes walk directly from JR Tachikawa Station GREEN SPRINGS ( Green Springs ) E2 / 2F https://greensprings.jp/access /

Log[ログ]03 シルバー 925 ピアス&バックキャッチ 立体的 面白いカタチ つや消し MENTOSEN めんとせん メントセン

▼ Market that colors lifestyle under the theme of "paper"


"SUPER PAPER MARKET" is a directly operated store of Fukunaga Paper Co., which started in 2022.

Fukunaga Paper Co., Ltd. has accumulated many achievements in paper printing and cooperates with creators in various fields to take advantage of its technology and design skills in original products. It is also known for its collaborative project with the Trough Architectural Design Office, "The Air Vigor", etc.

"SUPER PAPER MARKET" has many original products of Fukunaga Paper Co., Ltd., full of deep manufacturing spirit, paper and paper products from all over the world, and items that color the lifestyle selected from the perspective of Fukunaga Paper Co., Ltd.

▼ Origami case

The jewelry case was completed with the high technical skills of Fukunaga Paper and the design of MENTOSEN.

Yoshimura's technology is alive.

This case was made using the origami technique of Yoshimura folding. It's all made of paper.
It is a case designed independently in MENTOSEN SHINKO STUDIO.