"Connecting or Turning" NEW COLLECTION WEEK 2023.Dec. 1st (Fri)- 10 (Sun) MENTOSEN 2023-2nd COLLECTION


"Connecting or Turning" 

  • NEW COLLECTION WEEK:2023 Dec. 1st (Fri)- 10 (Sun) 
    Press special release date 2023 Nov. 30(Thu)
    10:00 a.m-7:00 p.m (Wednesday is closed)
  • Vanue: SHINKO STUDIO Tokyo store 

December 1, Friday, MENTOSEN will launch its 2023-2nd jewelry collection.

The collection offers pendants that combine pairs of shapes and link them together, as well as spiral shapes that spin around, and so on.

The basic elements of the shapes are very simple, but the structure and texture of the combinations are interesting.

GuruGru[グルグル]  シルバーペンダント 回転で出来上がる合理的なかたち ペンダント モダンデザイン ジュエリー MENTOSEN メントセン 2カラー シルバー&ゴールド
GuruGuru [Guruguru] Silver925 Pendant

Log[ログ] Ζ ゼータ  シルバーペンダント 2つでつながるペンダント モダンデザイン ジュエリー MENTOSEN メントセン 2カラー シルバー&ゴールド

Log [log] Zeta Silver925 Pendant

Dec.1 (Fri) - 10 (Sun) "Connecting or Turning"NEW COLLECTION WEEK

Dec.1 (Fri) - 10 (Sun) , we will hold a NEW COLLECTION WEEK, "Connecting or Turning"  at the Shinko Studio store.

-To experience-

We came up with an experience that visitors would enjoy.

■ Touching
A 3D printer output model that enlarged the new collection pieces.
"How are they connected?"
"How does it go around?"
Try to hold and touch them in your hands to feel how they are connected and their structure.


■ Watching
Stop motion movies.
We  took some short motion movies by the enlarged 3D printer models of new pieces. You will feel the shapes and movements of the new pieces.

■ Making
The "Paper Craft Making Kits" ,  a popular gift for visitors to each new exhibition.
It is designed as a paper sculpture made by assembling the shapes based on the new pendant "Log θ theta".

来場者プレゼント 紙工作セット mentosen メントセン

Enjoy rolling, looking at, and wearing these shapes during the NEW COLLECTION WEEK.
I would be happy if you could spend a "time like a margin".
Margins are often seen as something that is not very useful in today's busy lives.
The "Something" that seems like a margin.

We have been creating that "something" that we don't know what it is.

By all means, please come to MENTOSEN sore, SHINKO STUDIO. I do hope you will enjoy the "connecting or turning".

November 2023 MENTOSEN by SHINKO STUDIO Representative Akiko Yonei

[Visitors gifts]

1. The Paper Craft Making Kits  [Making time 5-10 minutes]
When you assemble the eight pieces of paper with these slits, you can create a beautiful three-dimensional object.

It is a kind of tensegrity structure based on the regular octahedron.

2. Cookies from Yokel-sha.  Limited quantity. Bring a invitation card

All flour and butter are from Hokkaido. Yokel-sha makes safe and, most importantly, delicious baked sweets

https://yokel.jp /

ヨウケル舎のクッキー 数量限定プレゼント

Stop-motion short movies

Short movies of 3D printed models from the new collection. Enjoy the movement of the shapes.

Dec. 1(Fri) - 10(Sun) in 2023

Press special open date Nov. 30 (Thu)
* Dec.6 (Wed) is closed on regular holiday
SHINKO STUDIO Shop (Odakyu Line Chitose Funabashi Station 3 minutes walk) https://mentosen.com/en/pages/store
10:00a.m-7:00 p.m

1-14-12 Funabashi, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 156-0055
TEL 03-3429-8077
MENTOSEN https://mentosen.com /en