Additional Charge Option - Laser Engraving

※This item cannot be purchased separately. This option can only be selected by those who have purchased the ring.

Laser Engraving】An additional charge3,000円(Japanese Cmsumer Tax excluded)


Laser EngravingAdditional charge

Charge option: We offer to engraving up to 18 characters with a laser engraving. An additional charge. (Japanese yen 3,000 yen. If you buy other than yen, it may fluctuate depending on the exchange rate.)

[Possible characters] 

Uppercase and lowercase alphabets, numbers, hiragana, katakana, kanji, numbers, and “.”.

[Number of characters] Up to 18 characters. "." is also counted as one.

[Engraving sample] 2030.11.11 A to B 

【For those who order with a wedding ring Pt950 or K18】

For those who order the ring in Pt950 or K18, there is also a free engraving of up to 15 characters. There is an opptional charge in silver.

Free Charge engraving for Pt950/K18 Wedding rings