Curved Origami Making Kit, "Plop Ball Making Kit" are completed!

For the launch of MENTOSEN, we have prepared an interesting gift for our customers.

曲線折紙 Origami plop ball

Curved Origami, "Plop Ball Making Kit"

We designed this project to let people experience the "surface" and "line" that MENTOSEN values through origami.

From just three sheets of paper, you can easily make it in 5 to 10 minutes.

Curved origami is the hottest research topic in the world of origami engineering.

This time, I, Yonei, researched the structure, drew and cut the paper, and we made most of it ourselves.

The contents of the production kit are as follows.ー

・Three pieces of paper strips with neatly curved fold lines.

・Each paper with beautiful curved fold lines (the fold lines are the key to the curve).

・Pure silk braided cord for the ornament.

・And a QR code for a video of the creation.

The size is palm-sized.

 so it's good for Christmas ornaments.

曲線折紙 制作キット

The excitement of creating a beautiful three-dimensional form from just three sheets of paper

Although it is only three sheets of paper, it is surprisingly easy to create a beautiful three-dimensional piece by adding a little curved fold line streak.

How to make it on YouTube.

Please take a look at MENTOSEN's YouTube video to learn how to make it.

Just watching them is interesting, so please take a look.。

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Digital and the work of human hands

Another thing that MENTOSEN values is the work of human hands.

In order for our customers to experience the joy of the final product created by human hands, we have created a "Making kit".

Celebration of MENTOSEN's new release. Order by February 15, 2022 and you will get it!

 For those who order from overseas, this "Prop Ball Production Kit" will be given to anyone who orders 15,000 yen or more from the web store by 24:00 Japan time on 2/15/2022.

We want people to experience the beauty of "surfaces" and "lines.

"I wondered how I could convey the beauty of "surfaces" and "lines."

I wondered, "Wouldn't it be fun to have them fold origami? I decided to make this curved origami plop ball kit.

Actually, it took me quite a while.

I was so absorbed in making the origami that I had to make jewelry, lol.

All I had to give away were three sheets of paper and a piece of string.

But there are so much human wisdom, aesthetic sense, and ideas packed into it.

In the end, you will be able to experience it with your own hands at home.

Although we are all busy, I hope that you will take 5-10 minutes out of your busy day to experience the excitement of the beautiful three-dimensional pieces created from three sheets of paper.

 I thought to myself, "What's all this? I hope that our collection will be inspiring from a state of zero.

 By Akiko Yonei