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Jewelry Cutting Technology

MENTOSEN ワイヤーカット

It is often said that industrial products and human craftsmanship are opposites. I just can't see it that way.

Even if it is made by a machine, I still feel that it is very beautiful when I see the tightly cut metals.

These metal sheets are cut using a technique called wire cutting.

This cutting technology, just like any other precision industrial product, depends on human experience and intuition. They have tried and failed with the complex computer settings of the machines.

They have tried and failed with the complex computer settings of the machines. The precision and quality of Japanese industrial products have been developed by people who take pride in their work as craftsmen.

"Can't we make it more precise? or "Isn't there something more we can do? They have cultivated their experience and intuition with pride.

There are designs that are born from technology. I believe that.

Industrial technology is not devoid of creativity? There is no such thing as no creativity in industrial technology.

MENTOSEN Kosa[交差] ナチュラル パールリング

Industry" may be seen as an evolution of "craft".

The passion and human "sense" of the people involved in the "industrial" production process is what makes these exquisite products possible.

In the end, the final products are made by human hands.

The interaction of these factors leads to beauty. Kosa[こうさ]PendantsKosa[こうさ]Earrings  are created using cutting technology.

Cutting" is a technique that is often used in the production of MENTOSEN.

 by  Akiko Yonei