Manufactuaring and Craftsmanship - Hand Work, Metal Crafts Work

Work worthy of confidence

For things that people use in our daily lives, we believe that solid and stable work is very important.

After all, the things we make depend on the hands and senses of the craftsman to make the jewelry.

The communication with the craftspersons and the excitement of creating something new together is indescribable.

シンコーストゥディオ SHINKO STUDIO 工具 Jewelry Tools

Japanese Metalcrafts

In Japan, during the samurai era, there were excellent sword metalworkers who made guard of sword and armor.

After the abolition of the sword, they found their unique sensitivity and skills in jewelry making.

As a result, Japanese jewelry making has been strongly influenced and developed by the work of the metalworkers.

Mokumegane is a metal craft technique that originated in Japan. 

Nowadays, it is more famous overseas than in Japan. The unique metal technique is especially popular for wedding rings.

MENTOSEN's jewelry is the result of Japan's unique craftsmanship, sensitivity and technology that opens up a new era.

Something new and something old.

Both of these are important elements for those of us who make things.

By Akiko Yonei