Manufacturing and Craftsmanship - Creating with Contemporary Jewelry Artists

Contemporary jewelry began in Europe in the 1960s. It is not well known in Japan.

The movements were a shift in the value standards of jewelry, which until then had been thought of mainly in terms of material values such as gold and diamonds.

It can be called design jewelry or art jewelry.

It is jewelry that is viewed from the perspective of human imagination and artistry.

The idea of jewelry as art is a way of thinking about the role of design in solving social problems,

even further, it has created a new role for jewelry to "raise issues to society".

「This idea of jewelry as art has created a new role for jewelry to "raise issues to society".


Mentosen」Mentosen is an attempt to create a new sense of value by involving and engaging contemporary jewelry artists in the design process.


A collection created by SHINKO STUDIO and Kajuko Nishibayashi, who works in Germany.Surface[めんとせん]

Surface[めんとせん] Silver Pendant 



These are an updated version to the SURFCE released in 2018 in gold and white gold. The new technology and the use of silver as a material have made it more affordable.

Surface[面と線] K18 ペンダント Pendant SHINKO STUDIO Kazuko Nishibayashi collaborated


We have been working together for a long time with Kazuko Nishibayashi.


When I saw her jewelry for the first time, I was shocked at how beautiful and perfect the shapes were!.

She has been exhibiting in galleries in Germany and Europe for over 25 years.

In Europe, there are many art galleries that deal with contemporary jewelry.
One of the artists who works with such galleries is Kazuko Nishibayashi.


series ori – shape u2 Kazuko Nishibayashi
ring silver 935 ag
Each ORI is handcrafted by cutting and folding it from just one silver sheet
Jeder Ori-ring wird durch schneiden und wickeln eines einzigen silberstreifens hergestellt

She has been working in Germany for more than 25 years, so you might think that she is a very ambitious person, but she is really a quiet woman. On the other hand, I believe that she is a real artist with a strong core for making things.

series MUSUBI – shape [flat] – earrings gold 750 Au Kazuko Nishibayashi
metal surface textured with paper-structure
Oberfläche in Papierstruktur geprägt

I believe that no matter how good an artist's work is, if the artist does not have human charm, we will not be able to love the work for a long time.

I like the fact that things are full of the unique world view that comes from that 'person'.

Jewelry is the thing we wear and are closest to in our life, so we want to find something that fits your own life path and way of thinking and wear it for a long time.

Kazuko Nishibayashi ウェブサイト

 by Akiko Yonei