Manufacturing & Craftsmanship -Design

In our daily lives

We will continue to design "surfaces" and "lines" that I feel comfortable with.
This is because we believe that there is beauty and truth in our daily lives.

A single line, a single surface

We cherish a single line, a single surface.
It is a very steady work.
Once you draw a line, if it feels unnatural,
I think there is something wrong with it.
A line or surface that can be mathematically reasoned is a line of absolute beauty, a line that we all find beautiful in common.
I incorporate 'lines' and 'surfaces' that can be explained theoretically at times, not just by our senses.

To the Beautiful three-dimensional.

We want to challenge myself to create beautiful three-dimensional objects.挑戦していきたい。
Jewelry is a three-dimensional structure.
I hope to design not only a shape seen from above, but also a little surprise when seen from various directions.


Comfortable we think of it as being comfortable to wear.