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3D Printer

A 3D printer is essential for the making of MENTOSEN.

Even if the prototype is not printed out on a 3D printer, the output modeling is a very important communication tool to share the sense of design in 3D with designers, craftsmen, and other people.

When we work as a team with various professionals, /p>

sharing the awareness of one "line" and one "surface" has a great impact on the finished jewelry.

One of the greatest joys of using a 3D printer is that we all now have a common feeling of what kind of curve line we are aiming for.

I think it has dramatically improved our ability to communicate our designs.


Furthermore, the MESNTOSEN creators are scattered all over Japan and even abroad, and it is very encouraging to be able to instantly share awareness. 

The beautiful lines and shapes of the initial design are conveyed to the MENTOSEN creators, and then we can have lively conversations like, "Wouldn't it be cooler if we did it this way," or "Wouldn't it be more efficient if we did it this way?

Also, it is fun for the creator to exchange such communication.

However, the 3D printer is a means to an end for us.

That digital technology should be more fun, new, and unique, not just more efficient. 

We want digital technology to be used not only as a tool for mass production and efficiency, but also to express the subtle sensations of human beings with blood in their veins.


At the same time, we want our products to be comfortable to wear, durable, and a part of our daily lives.

This is what we aim to create.


After the output of the 3D printer, it is the human sensibility that is quite analog that makes the product.。

Using computers and 3D printers will create a new and active communication of creation.

I think the most important thing is to be able to create meaningful products as a result.

by Akiko Yonei