Jewelry value and diversity

Jewelry as a symbol of wealth and honor

Jewelery has long been made as a symbol of wealth and honor, perhaps because of its material value.

The value of gold and the value of stone.

Indeed, one important element of jewelry is that it is worn on the body, so its durability is very important.

You will need gold or platinum that does not change, high altitude, beautiful and unbreakable stone = precious stone (diamond, sapphire, etc.).

Human-like, subtle sensibility or sensation

But now, do we want to wear jewelry that is only worth the value of its materials and stones? That said, I think it's probably a little different.

Mass production and mass consumption have brought about standardization of products.

It provides a price range that is easy for buyers to buy,

It is the result of the efforts of the creators to create a method that is easy for ordinary people to pick up.

Of course, the ingenuity of the production process is greatly reflected in the jewelry we make.

After that,

It seems that the world is overflowing with things that are easy to make and things that are easy to sell.

Human-like, subtle sensibilities, sensations,

This kind of line, this kind of shape, the texture is beautiful...

I think that the real pleasure of manufacturing and owning things is the moment when you can communicate with the people who wear them.

I think that I was able to convey something new by incorporating new sensations and production techniques that have never existed before.

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Live dignifiedly with your own values

What we're probably trying to say is that there aren't that many stereotypes of people, stereotypes of men and women!

If it's cute and pretty, is that enough for jewelry?

We're not that cute, we're not pretty, we're all different, but we'll dignify and live according to our values.

The fact that such values are widely recognized is probably the recognition of diversity.

Rather than many words, I want to show it with the things we make.