MENTOSEN jewelry collection starts

The MENTOSEN "face" and "line" jewelry collection finally begins.

MENTOSEN is a jewelry collection newly launched by SHINKO STUDIO.

Jewelry of "face" and "line".Design and manufacturing-

Thinking about the relationship between people and the digital world ❘I think it is very important now to think about "faces" and "lines" that are comfortable when creating things.

Let's think about what kind of outline was really important, and what it was about, in a world that has become complicated.

The geometric folds of origami and the shapes that emerge from them are beautiful to everyone.In designs created using computer technology, there are "lines" and "surfaces" that everyone finds beautiful.

On the other hand, it is the sensibilities, ideas, and hands of those who devote themselves to manufacturing that create the “faces” and “lines” that touch people's hearts.