7/8 (Friday) The Subtle Relationship Between "Wearing" and "Wearing" -Contemporary Jewelry and Approaching Everyday Life [Jewelry Theory Makiko Akiyama's Talk Event]

This is an announcement of the sponsored event of MENTOSEN.

Jewelry Artist Japan (JAJ) is a community for jewelry creators, launched in 2012 by MENTOSEN producer Yonei.

What is JAJ

Due to the corona virus, the real event was canceled, but the first revival is a talk event by Ms. Makiko Akiyama, who is a jewelry theory.

If anything, it's like a study group for jewelry creators, but if you're interested, please join us.

There are real events and distribution at a later date.

Akiyama mainly works on contemporary jewelry, writing reviews and translations, and also contributes to Klimt02, a global contemporary jewelry platform.
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MENTIOSEN will continue to support the cultural activities of jewelry.