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The thickest part where the ridgeline is raised between the blade and the peak (back part) of the Japanese sword.

Inspired by the blade of a sword

A line that cuts waste to the limit.Both sides express the slanted part of the sword, and the middle rise is matte, so that the two colors can be clearly seen.

By hammering the base metal many times and polishing it to the limit, it has a finish that makes you feel extremely sturdy and heavy.The design, which eliminates all waste, embodies the functional beauty of a sword.


The beauty of the contrast between the slanted surface that shines smoothly and the matte surface that follows.

The sharp lines are reminiscent of a sword.

This ring was inspired by the beauty of the blade, and was made by forging the base metal many times.
Both sides express the slanted part of the blade, and the rising edge in the middle is matted so that the two colors can be clearly seen.

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鎬-Shinogi Pt・K18ダイヤリング

A simple 18K yellow and platinum two-color ring that goes well with any outfit.

鎬-Shinogi Pt・K18ダイヤリング

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